Our gift to you. A FREE workout schedule!

Free Workout Schedule

If you haven?t worked out in a long time, or you?re just starting for the first time, your main goal for the first few weeks will be to stick to it and adjust to working out.

Create a Workout Schedule.

One of the biggest excuses for skipping a workout is due to a busy schedule. To stay motivated and hold yourself accountable, get out a calendar or use this free workout schedule, and figure out what days you can fit in a workout. Everytime you workout, check it off your schedule. Each checkmark will keep you motivated to continue! I suggest putting it somewhere you’ll see it everyday, like on the fridge in the kitchen.

Commit to Getting Fit!

Now that you have a workout schedule and your goals are set, it’s time to focus on nutrition. For almost everyone, the math is simple: your body has to burn more calories than it consumes. There are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat. If you burn 500 more calories than you consume each day, theoretically you will lose one pound a week. Although PGX does not burn calories, it can make eating fewer calories each day much easier for you, helping with portion control.

My Tip: Use a goal such as a vacation or new outfit as motivation to keep going!

Hey, are you trying to get fit? Let me know!