The healthy way to manage weight.

PGX® helps you manage your weight by:

  • Reducing appetite and promoting a feeling of fullness1
  • Contributing to healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range1
  • Helping to lower the glycemic index1
  • Helping to maintain healthy total cholesterol levels already within the normal range1

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Weight loss should be maintained for life

Let’s face it: losing weight is no easy task, and keeping it off is a lifelong challenge. Just about anyone can shed a few pounds with intense exercise or an overly strict diet, but a personal plan and commitment to a healthy lifestyle is necessary to keep weight off for life.

The PGX Weight Management Program™

equips you with a healthy approach to weight loss, helps you address the underlying reasons why most of us gain weight, and offers a strategy to keep the weight off for life.


The vicious sugar cycle

Blood sugar level affects appetite and therefore your weight. Regulating blood sugar level is an important part of effectively managing weight. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t make it easy. Sporadic cravings triggered by poorly regulated blood sugar can trap us in unhealthy cycles of impulsive eating.

A short leash for your appetite

The hungrier you are, the more you eat. This seems obvious, but what’s not is how and why you feel hungry. If you can slow how your body absorbs food, you’ll feel satisfied with less food and for a longer period of time.

PGX helps suppress appetite by gently expanding in your stomach, forming a viscous gel that reaches full viscosity one to one-and-a-half hours after taking PGX with a meal1. This slows absorption, keeping you feeling full with a small-portioned meal.

When taking the recommended dosage of 7.5 -15 g of PGX per day (2.5 – 5 g 3 times per day with meals, you’ll begin to see a decrease in appetite and cravings. Note: PGX Meal Replacement Drink mix contains 4 – 5 g of PGX and PGX Satisfast drink mix contains 2.5 g of PGX).

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