Correcting Your Exercise Moves!

Here are the top 5 exercises that people often do wrong…

Save yourself injury and really make your workouts effective by learning the proper exercise postures!

When I saw this infographic, I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of our dear PGX readers. These five exercises are very popular moves to do at home and make full body workouts accessible to anyone, no gym necessary. However, they are easier said than done. As someone who guilty of making at least one (or two…fine, maybe three) of these mistakes in my earlier days of fitness exploration, I find this chart to be an excelent reminder.

For a more detailed explanation of how to do all five of these moves correctly, visit the Spark People Blog: The Top 5 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong.


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Make a Plan, Not Excuses

5 Tips on Making a Successful Weight Loss Plan

Find inspiration from the man who brought you his musically inspired weight loss journey in Movement, Music & PGX.

The last few months have been busy for my family. The spring has kept us busy with quite a few activities. I?ve been coaching two baseball teams. We have the soccer training for our two boys. We have guitar lessons. We have social engagements and we have all the other things you probably have in your calendars in the life of Suburbia. Stop me if you heard this one before (borrowed from Morrisey)!

It’s no surprise that being so busy means that exercise takes a back seat. Why does that happen? I mean, we know how easy it is to feel exhausted or overwhelmed. If that?s you, I totally understand. I feel your pain.

For those of you that have been following my blog posts…(Yes, I know they are rare. I?m a busy guy remember?!) Anyways, you will remember that I have lost about 60 pounds by riding my bikes (both on the road and on the velodrome), motivating myself with a lot of music and taking PGX. I?ve been proud of my achievement. It has brought me a new wardrobe, second glances from the wife and more confidence in my physical appearance.

That is until the past couple of months. I must confess that I have only been riding once a week. I have also been eating a little less healthy. So, before I knew it, I put on 10 pounds. It happened quickly. Naturally, I started to get frustrated, but remembering that I lost 60 pounds I quickly came up with a plan. After following my plan for the last little while, I got on the scales this morning and guess what? 10 pounds gone again. I am feeling good, baby!

Here are some things that I think will help you. They helped me (especially this month) and I am feeling the awesomeness that comes with success.

  1. You gotta keep moving: Last Friday I went to a golf tournament for my kids school. I was the only guy in the entire tournament that walked the whole 18 holes. Not only did I feel great, but I got a lot of props from the other parents during the dinner at the clubhouse. Oh, yeah!
  2. Pick a tool to track your progress and set goals: Get something to motivate you and or keep track of your progress. I got a Nike Fuel band last month and it is super, super awesome. I also like Fitbit. I like them because they require you to set goals. You get points based on your movement. So, when I take a peek at my Nike Fuel band I walk instead of getting in my car. I?m starting to wonder why I didn?t get one of these sooner.
  3. Substitute the carbs and high sodium foods: Look, I love my burgers. It’s the American in me. I?m not going to change 100% but instead of adding those fries, get the house salad, sans the creamy dressing. You?ll feel better and reduce your caloric intake. Not to mention that your waistline will love you in the morning.
  4. Drink lots of water and moderate your other beverages: I see it all the time in my social settings…people ordering the rum and coke, three beers before the main course and sugary drinks on the sidelines. I?ve always been a big water drinker and, to me, it’s the best beverage every single time. Don?t stop drinking it. It?ll make your body feel really good.
  5. Include PGX in your daily routine: I reduced my intake of PGX during that 10 pound weight gain and noticed I was getting the sweet and salty cravings again and eating a bit bigger portions during meals. This month it’s back in my diet and daily routine and I can tell you that it is working for me. I know it will work for you.

I?m going for 10 more pounds this month. I know I?m going to do it too. Stay tuned for my progress.

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FAQ: “What can I do about gas and bloating?”

What to do if you experience gas or bloating while taking PGX.

It is not uncommon for people who have recently started taking PGX to experience some side effects of gas or bloating. While these are not pleasant symptoms to experience, they are nothing to be overly concerned about as there are things you can do to alleviate them!

In order to diminish gas and bloating while taking PGX, reduce the amount of PGX you are taking. Then, once you no longer experience any gas or bloating, you can gradually increase the amount of PGX over a period of 3 to 7 days. Side effects such as these are temporary with most people and usually subside completely after a week or more of taking PGX. As an extra measure, you may also want to take probiotic supplements (friendly intestinal bacteria) to enhance the health of your gastrointestinal tract.

Reminder: It’s also important to remember to drink lots of water when taking PGX!

For more answers to common questions about PGX, please visit our FAQ section or email us your question!


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Make early morning exercise easier.

For the past three months I’ve been working out in the mornings. But I didn’t start out as an early morning person. At the start, morning workouts were extremely difficult. I was used to working out in the evening after work but with my schedule morning workouts just made more sense. Full disclaimer, I’m not a fitness guru that goes for a 10 km run every day. I just strive to get in three to four workouts per week to stay healthy and feel good.

So, if you’re like me and aren’t a typical morning person, here are a couple of suggestions to help with the transition from afternoon to morning workouts.

  1. Sleep in your workout clothes! Or have them ready to go the night before. No need to think about it.
  2. Take advantage of the morning sun. The light will wake you up… literally.
  3. Set the alarm clock to some music that makes you want to get moving.
  4. Stretch while you’re still in bed.
  5. Aim for a short workout. It’s better to start slowly and build up. Getting a 30 minute workout is better than talking yourself out of an 60 minute workout.

The first 2 – 3 weeks will be the most difficult but stick with it! By the 4th week you’ll start to feel it become a habit! After your workout, reward yourself with an ice-cold PGX smoothie!


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