Shop Yourself Healthy

No more aimless walking in the grocery store. It’s time to shop ourselves healthy!

I can’t even count how many times I walk over to the refrigerator, stare at its contents and close the door empty handed. From there, I cruise over to the pantry and start inspecting it’s contents!

The crave monster has just surfaced and it’s forcing me to begin the hunt for snacks! All too often this leads to snacking on things like chips and dip or if nothing else, buttered toast (I swear I could live on toasted bread with butter and I would be quite happy!). So what can one do to prevent this kind of craving grazing? It all starts at the grocery store…

Check out this infographic and learn how to shop yourself slim and healthy! Don’t forget to add some fibre into your diet! PGX can help control that blood sugar roller coaster for you 😉

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2013: The Year of Quinoa

This year’s food of choice is (drum roll, please!) … QUINOA!

United Nations name 2013 International Year of Quinoa.

The first time that I ever heard of quinoa was almost four years ago. A friend of mine, who was testing out the paleo diet at the time, was cooking some up one day when I happened upon the package sitting on the kitchen counter.

“What is this ‘quinn-OH-a’ that you’re eating?” I asked. To which he replied (with a visible shake of his head), “It’s pronounced ‘keen-wah’. And it’s really quite good for you.” He went on to explain the many health benefits that quinoa provides. However, feeling foolish at my pronounciation faux-pas, I avoided this “keen-wah” for a substantial amount of time before giving it a try myself. (I can be quite stubborn…) Eventually, however, I tried it, loved it, and currently consider it a stample in my diet. Which is why I’m delighted to hear the 2013 has been declared Year of Quinoa! For once, it would seem that I’m ahead of the curb 😉

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend giving it a try. You can start slow, and sprinkle a little bit it on top of a leafy salad or jump right in and make one of my favourites, quinoa Greek salad (Greek salad with a quinoa base!). It also makes a great side dish or rice substitute.


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Correcting Your Exercise Moves!

Here are the top 5 exercises that people often do wrong…

Save yourself injury and really make your workouts effective by learning the proper exercise postures!

When I saw this infographic, I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of our dear PGX readers. These five exercises are very popular moves to do at home and make full body workouts accessible to anyone, no gym necessary. However, they are easier said than done. As someone who guilty of making at least one (or two…fine, maybe three) of these mistakes in my earlier days of fitness exploration, I find this chart to be an excelent reminder.

For a more detailed explanation of how to do all five of these moves correctly, visit the Spark People Blog: The Top 5 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong.


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