Williams-Sonoma’s Grilled Gazpacho!

Enjoy the last of the summer sun with this Spanish summer soup recipe, gazpacho.

As summer winds down, make the most of the sunshine and get grilling your meals. Add PGX to this recipe for that extra health kick.

Grilled gazpacho? I am a big fan of this Andalusian summer soup but here’s a twist to the traditional recipe I haven’t seen before: grilled! Before the sun disappears till next year, try out this recipe. Williams-Sonoma added an extra step that’s guaranteed to up the flavour. Apparently, it also pairs excellently with medium-bodied red wines. Enjoy!   Image sources: Williams-Sonoma and Wine Bottle Sizes

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PGX program participants talk about their success

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Tyson, a non-breakfast eater, lost 44 pounds. ?You can see a difference right away. (Losing weight) is not as hard as you think it is.?

Sandra, who was borderline obese, lost 40 pounds. ?This is easy. I even stayed on track while I was on vacation in Mexico.”

Krysten, who lost 19 pounds, always felt bad about herself when she dieted. ?This has changed the way that I live. It has made me a healthier person in general. I have more energy and I feel better mentally and physically.?

Jim said losing 20 pounds was easy. ?It?s learning about healthy choices. You?re not trapped in a strict program that frustrates you.”

Cherie was scared she wouldn?t be able to do it, but lost 17 pounds. ?Not always feeling hungry gave me the opportunity to make good choices.?

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