It?s a tough job managing food cravings while on a diet

It?s one of the dirty four-lettered words: diet! No secret here, they?re tough. What can make dieting especially difficult is dealing with the often overpowering surge of food cravings. The good news is that you don?t have to white knuckle it anymore.

Fact: Diets make it harder to resist temptation Diets fail because they result in an increased appetite drive. With powerful signals to eat, you as the dieter are virtually powerless to correct your bad habits and lose weight sensibly. If you want to get your weight under control, and curb your cravings, you must learn ways to turn off your hunger switch and restore your appetite control system to a healthy state.

There are new ways to help you manage your hunger. A natural viscous fiber called PGX, developed at the University of Toronto, slows digestion and makes you feel as full as if you?ve eaten a large meal, so your brain thinks you are full. It also stabilizes your insulin levels helping to break sugar?s control over you. It?s like having willpower in a pill.

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