Health Benefits of Pets

A recent article in The New York Times states that having a dog may protect you from heart disease. The message comes from the American Heart Association, which after consulting years of data, finally concluded that owning a dog, was ‘probably associated’ with reduced risk of heart disease.

People that own dogs definitely have greater motivation to get outside and take walks. Pet lovers that form bonds with their pets know that walks and being outside is good for their pet’s wellbeing. Is it really possible to look deep into those brown eyes and say no to a walk? Impossible! As an added bonus, it’s equally as good for our own health. Thank you, pets!

In fact, leading a healthier lifestyle can bring about several added plusses. When you take a little time everyday to go for a walk or get in some exercise, you also start to eat better and focus on your overall health. You’ll also sleep better with regular exercise and nutritional foods. Although if you’re sleeping with your pets you might have to share the bed!

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