Fitness Trend: Dancer’s Body Workout

It’s Friday and we’re talking fitness!

Get that long, lean and scultped look of a dancer’s body with this Friday’s Fitness Trend!

I’ve got good news for you and me! We don’t need to be a professional dancer to look as sculpted, long, lean and toned like one! Today’s Friday Fitness Trend is from the creator of Barre 3 , Sadie Lincoln: the Ballet Boot Camp Challenge. This challenge consists of exercises that will work out all the muscles in your body, incorporating techniqes from yoga, Pilates, light weight workouts, and barre work, and combining them with cardio. What I love most is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to proceed with this challenge!

This type of dance-inspired exercise routine helps strengthen core muscles, pull in your waist, trim and tone legs and arms, and firm the gluteus maximus (now who doesn’t want that?)! Basically, these exercises emulate the work muscles would do if you were doing pli?s, ballanc?s and arabesques but without the pain of pointe shoes! This workout can also help straighten posture and that alone has its many benefits! It’s the exercise method where “ballet meets yoga and pilates,” to help strengthen and lengthen the body.

So if you always wanted to have the figure of a ballerina but didn’t feel coordinated enough, this might be the workout for you (and me!). It’ll take some work but I know you can do it 😉

Have a fabulous weekend! Dance and get your daily fibre!