Healthy Eating Hacks


Healthy Eating Hacks

If you think eating a healthy diet means eating meals that you don’t like, think again! Fresh, nutrient dense food packs much more flavor than nutrient poor or overly processed options, hands-down. With a little creativity, you can boost the nutritional value of all your favorite recipes – and still enjoy eating them.

Get started with these healthy eating hacks:

Add Colour

Adding naturally colorful foods to your meals will make them more appealing and flavorful. For a colourful flavour punch try the following: raw beet cubes into your salad, fresh strawberry slices on your oatmeal, chopped red bell pepper in your scrambled eggs!

Dessert-ify Your Day

Nothing appeals to your tastebuds quite like a sweet treat – ans they don’t even need to be calorie laden, sugar-filled treats to entice either! Curb mid-day hunger with quinoa cocoa balls, wake up to breakfast cookies, or treat yourself to a Rich Chocolate PGX® Satisfast™ Whey Protein drink anytime.

Sneak in Veggies

If your mom can sneak veggies into your meals, so can you. Substitute steamed cauliflower for one third of the cheese in baked mac & cheese, spread a layer of mashed yam under the tomato sauce on your pizza, or add half a cup of frozen cooked squash to your banana smoothie.

Healthy Ingredient Swap

Swap the mayo in your sandwich for a spread of homemade hummus, swap out French fries for baked sweet potato spears, or swap the sour cream in your homemade onion dip for plain Greek yogurt.

How do you make your healthy meals taste delicious? Let us know in the comments section below.