9 Easy Swaps That Will Help You Eat Your Way to Health


Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean culinary revolution. A few small adjustments add up to make a world of difference. Make mealtime work for you with these simple switches.



1. The Dish: Oatmeal

The Swap: Instead of sugar or sweetener, add fresh fruit and cinnamon. Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar while spicing up your breakfast, and fresh fruit adds a touch of natural sweetener.

2. The Dish: Bacon and Eggs

The Swap: Try an omelet with spinach, kale, and any other veggies you have on hand. You’ll still get the protein you need to start your day off right – supercharged with a dose of nutrients. Top with a little goat cheese for good measure.

3. The Dish: Coffee

The Swap: Whoops – we’ve all been there. When it feels like there’s no time for a proper breakfast, it’s easy to resort to quick fuel, but caffeine doesn’t nourish you, it just prolongs the inevitable crash. Instead, blend up an energizing smoothie in less time than the coffee takes to brew.


4. The Dish: Sandwich

The Swap: Switch white breads out for whole grain alternatives, tortillas, or even collard green wraps. Refined flour does you – and your waistline – no favours, while whole grains and extra veggies offer a range of healthy nutrients.

5. The Dish: Pizza

The Swap: While we all know nothing can really take the place of pizza, instead layer pita bread with humus and your favourite veggies as toppings (or skip the pita all together).

6. The Dish: Soup

The Swap: Trade high sodium, low nutrition canned options for homemade soups and stews prepped at the beginning of the week. Just as convenient, tastier, and a whole lot better for you.


7. The Dish: Fettucine Alfredo

The Swap: Skip rich creamy sauces in favour of tomato or pesto, and opt for whole grain or rice noodles. If you feel like an extra hit of veggies, shred zucchini for a raw, nutrient dense noodle experience.

8. The Dish: Meat and Potatoes

The Swap: Trade the classic russet for yams or sweet potatoes, which have a lower Glycemic load and more antioxidant nutrients than the average tuber.

9. The Dish: Tacos

The Swap: Instead of sour cream, add a dollop of tangy plain Greek yogurt to your fiesta. In fact, Greek yogurt – full of protein and healthy fats – is a great swap on any dish that calls for dairy, from granola to dips to baking.

For other healthy meal ideas, check out our selection of PGX recipes – and tell us what simple swaps have worked for you!