40 lbs weight loss and feel great

I was at the Doctors Lecture in Medicine Hat, Alta. And have been on PGX since May 27, 2008 I also at the same time joined Weight Watchers and started to workout. At the time the Doc was here I had lost 37 lbs in 13 weeks. I talked to her briefly about my weight loss and told her that all of the above things helped me to lose this weight, but I know for a fact that the PGX has had the most affect on my weight loss. It controls your blood sugars and that is a big problem with just about everybody. Also I have Grave’s disease which if you don’t know what it is it is your thyroid. I have been on medicine for 2 years. Just seen my specialist in Calgary and she doesn’t know what has happen but my blood work has come back that the disease is in remission and I now have been off the med’s for 2 weeks and have no side affects of going off them.

I had my yearly physical and my Doc was blown away by the blood work and my weight loss. She said this is the best I have looked in the 3 years she has been my doctor. Although I can’t prove it, I know that the PGX has done wonders foe me. I sleep better have more energy and no cravings like before. Since I saw the Doctor Kate Rheaume I now I’m at 40 lbs weight loss and feel great. Please let the Doctor Kate Rheaume know my success story and also I made a commitment to myself to loss the weight. Thank you to PGX.

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