I used to be 500 lbs but not anymore!

I used to be 500 lbs, that first bit was easy to get off. Was 335 lbs when started PGX @ 52 years old on it for 6 to 8 weeks, now lost 18 lbs. I was walking with a walker and now I only need a cane. For every pound you lose, 4 pounds of pressure are removed from your knees. Eating disorder and now knows the difference between being hungry and not. Believe in your product so much, I am not stopping here, another 18 lbs and I will be 299!! And I will keep going. I will endorse your product with everything I have. I am so happy this is for real and that you guys are making this. I am telling everyone about PGX. I will be on your site as a success story, I will, I can see it.

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