The Science Behind PGX®.

A brief history

PolyGlycopleX® (α-D-glucurono-α-D-manno-β-D-manno- β-D-gluco, α-L-gulurono-β-D mannurono, β-D-gluco-β- D-mannan), commonly known as PGX, is a natural polysaccharide complex. It comprises three materials that are combined in a proprietary way. In the early nineties, researchers in the UK determined that two of these vis­cous polysaccharides had a synergistic effect.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia and the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine made the remarkable discovery that the addition of a specific third polysac­charide led to a product with an unexpected developing viscosity that was far higher than any of its individual components.


A Patented Composition.

The method by which the water-soluble polysaccharides are transformed into PGX® is a process known as EnviroSimplex – a proprietary, high-technology process that combines and reacts naturally-occurring raw materials under highly controlled conditions to create tiny compressed micro-tablet granules.  Each softgel capsule, granule or powder product contains the precise ratio of compo­nents needed for maximum benefit, based on extensive research and development. All manufacturing, processing and packaging steps required for PGX meet or exceed government and industry standards and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) are adhered to. PGX also has a USP Standard (1st of March 2013, 2nd Supplement to FCC8) and the composition of PGX is patent protected (USA: 8062686, Canada: 2604253, Australia: 2006235625, Russia: 2473245, China: ZL20068002078, Japan: 5161762, New Zealand: 589922; 589923; 561819; 579777; 583396, South Africa: 2010/01368).