Top 10 Ways to Use PGX Daily Singles

It’s Tasty Tuesday and we’re telling you all about the Top 10 Ways to use & enjoy PGX Daily Singles!

If you have yet to try out webber naturals’ PGX Dialy Singles, there’s no time like the present! Not to mention that it’s your lucky day if you’re already a fan…because, boy, do we ever have a deal for you! From now until November, look for your BONUS pack of PGX Daily Singles when buying webber naturals’ PGX Daily products at your local pharmacy or grocery store.

For those of you who are unsure how to use PGX Daily Singles, or are looking for some new ways to enjoy it, below are the Top 10 Ways that we suggest to use them. Enjoy!

Top 10 Ways to Use PGX Daily Singles:

  1. Mixed in water, 100% tomato juice or fruit juice
  2. Blended in a smoothie or meal replacement drink
  3. Stirred into applesauce or a fruit cup
  4. Mixed with yogurt
  5. Sprinkled on cold or hot cereal
  6. Stirred into soup and stews
  7. Mixed into mashed potatoes or rice
  8. Stirred into chili
  9. Sprinkled on pasta sauce (as your would parmesan cheese)
  10. Sprinkled onto the spread of a sandwich

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