Lesson 2: Tame Your Inner Appetite Monster

The biggest surprise is you need to eat more to lose.

There’s one sacred rule to weight management, and it solves half the battle if applied consistently – Never allow yourself to feel hungry!

Avoiding foods high on the glycemic index and taking PGX® can reduce the blood sugar swings associated with hunger for those with blood glucose levels already within a normal range.

You need to eat to lose. You should never skip meals as this unbalances your metabolism. The key is to eat correctly. And The PGX® Weight Management Program will show you how.

  • Think “protein first” for every meal and snack!
  • Increase the “volume” feeling of the foods you eat.
  • Learn how to feel full on smaller portions.
  • Slow down and make your meals last longer.


We all know what it’s like to be “full” after a good meal. Unfortunately, typical meals are high in calories and low in volume. The PGX® Weight Management Program points you to “filler foods” and PGX® helps “volumize” every meal for you.

The PGX® Weight Management Program teaches you eating strategies that can keep hunger at bay all day long. PGX gives you something appetite researchers call satiety. You call it full and satisfied!

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