Appetite Control: Volume & Viscosity

PGX Tip: PGX can help control your appetite with volume and viscosity.

How volume aids in weight managment:

Food “volume” is an easy concept to understand. The greater the volume of food in your stomach is, the fuller you feel. Unfortunately, many popular “fast foods” provide a lot more calories than they do volume. For example, a double burger with cheese and a large order of fries represents about 1,300 calories, yet they only equal about two cups in terms of volume. This means that you end up consuming a lot of calories before you start to feel full. Comparatively, two cups full of chopped apple, provide just as much volume but only 120 calories! You end up feeling just as full with far fewer (fattening) calories.

Volume & PGX: Because high-fibre foods absorb water and then expand, they make you feel fuller with fewer calories. High-fibre PGX has virtually no calories and substantially increases the volume of your meals without increasing your caloric intake.

How viscosity aids in weight management:

“Viscosity” refers to the thickness of a fluid. Honey, for example, is very viscous, whereas, water is not.

Viscosity & PGX: By mixing PGX with food and water, the highly soluble polysaccharides (or fibres) in PGX expand, increasing the viscosity of your meal. This helps to increase its volume but also slows the absorption of carbohydrates. Because carbs are absorbed more slowly, you feel full longer, which generally results in less between-meal snacking. Sugar is also released into your bloodstream more gradually, avoiding the unhealthy blood sugar roller coaster than can trigger hunger and food cravings.

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