Natural Factors Presents: PGX Winners

Enter the PGX Winners contest and you could win a 1 year supply of PGX!

We’re excited to announce that you could be one of ten DAILY winners to win a PGX Start Up Kit from Natural Factors! There are over $10,000 worth of prizes to be won and each Start Up Kit includes a 2-week supply of PGX product and a PGX Daily Guide. PLUS, enter daily for your chance to win the Grand Prize of a 1 year supply of PGX!

Included in the PGX Start Up Kit:

  • 30 PGX Daily softgels
  • 10 single-serving PGX Daily packets
  • 14 PGX pre-meal protein drinks (7 chocolate & 7 vanilla) 
  • PGX Daily Guide

Click Here to Enter Daily!

Contest ends July 31st, 2013.

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5 Ways to Spread Out Your Calories

Stay satisfied, eat healthy and lose weight by spreading your caloric intake throughout your day.

Although eating healthy, nutritious food is half the batltle with weight loss, sometimes one of the biggest challenges people face is figuring out portion and calorie control. With many of us, overeating may happen by accident: waiting too long before eating something and then ravenously consuming more than our body needs; or eating too fast in general.

So, we thought that we would put together a quick guide with 5 simple ways to help you spread your calories throughout your day, enabling you to intake less calories total and, ultimately, shed those pounds!

5 Ways to Spread Your Calories

  1. Have a good breakfast with adequate protein and fibre (if your breakfast is lacking fibre, sprinkle on some PGX!)
  2. Have a small healthy snack mid-morning
  3. Have a healthy lunch
  4. Have another healthy snack in the afternoon (a serving of plain yogurt with bran cereal, for example)
  5. Go head and “spoil your appetite”; eat a high volume, low calorie snack to reduce your appetite before your dinner

And don’t forget! When purchasing PGX Daily products, look for the ones with a BONUS pack of PGX Daily Singles!


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