I have a lot to say. I will try to keep it to a minimum. I noticed your display with the information booklet so I started reading it and thought, a new weight loss pill without stimulants, what the heck I’ll try it. I have extreme hypothyroid, overweight non diabetic I have my blood sugar checked yearly along with my thyroid. My blood sugar always falls in the medium normal range. I went on to your website and the blood sugar fluctuations really made sense. (Since I don’t monitor 24/7) I have been often quoted to say, ‘over weight people have some kind of psychosis to losing weight’. It’s a real problem and when someone finds out what that is, there may be hope. The sugar stabilization sounds like that may be the link to the mind problem. Every diet I try the pounds never came off and I’ve done personal training 3 days a week for 2 years now. I thought well this must be just what happens when the thyroid give out. I tried Atkins 4 years ago and lost 20 lbs in a month that was great, but the weight came back up. I’ve done weight Watcher along with Spinning classes 5 days a week and buying a road bike and peddling no less than 20 miles (that’s the truth) a day and still nothing. Okay so I settled for I’ll be fat and fit. But I guess I couldn’t really settle for that because I continued to try every diet our there and even Atkins again, but no results at all.

So now I’m here with PGX, started on 1/26/09 with a skeptical mind, but always willing to start at 100% effort. I thought what to do, and decided to cut our all junk food, no more muffins, doughnuts, cookies, ice cream. Of course thinking yea right I’ll limit my calories during the day so I can have them. The first week taking PGX a few strange things happened. Day 2 was in the grocery store and was going to get some Weight Watchers ice cream sandwiches (my favourite) but said no I’m not in the mood. Day 3 I didn’t finish my dinner for real I was full. (What! I got full?) I never thought I had as stop button, and had no want at all to snack that night. Okay the next day I had breakfast at 7:30 am went to the gym at 12:30 and said wow, I’m still not hungry, not even a little, but thought by 2:00 I better eat something. My cravings for sugary sweets, bread – all gone. I can’t even explain it to myself. So just under 2 weeks I’m down 10 lbs. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! I can see a light at the end of my dark fat tunnel. So thank you, I just thought I had to tell you how excited I am about this.

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