It takes away my cravings

I am looking for: SlimStyles Appetite control fibre blend with PGX. I bought it a long time ago, and recently started to use it again. I don’t think I really used it frequently before to track the success, but have definitely had success this time, along with reducing my calorie intake, cross training at the gym (as I run half marathons – and have done a few full marathons).

The main success factor is: it takes away my cravings (chocolate) and desserts and I can be around others who are eating dessert that I served and I don’t feel I have to have it. It is really strange for me. Should have taken it at Christmas before I put on the darn weight.

I found the soft gel capsules not the powder yet (which I use to add to my smoothies). This product has really helped reduce (drastically) my cravings.

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