I’m not starving all the time

I’ve had 20+ years of chronic health problems, and have tried many types of supplements, but I’ve never found one that made as much difference as PGX. After many years of chronic low-energy, and chronic candida (which candida programs never helped significantly), my blood sugar levels began to fluctuate more dramatically and I started getting frequent, long-lasting migraines. I tried protein drinks and they helped a little, but it was clear the underlying problem was not getting better. Then I tried PGX. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a full tank of fuel in my belly. It feels so good. I feel so much better in the afternoons with a feeling of calm, constant energy. I’m not starving all the time, and I have fewer cravings for snacks in the evenings. I feel like I’m absorbing more nutrients from the food, and have felt like my body is growing stronger. I did have some trouble adjusting to the fibre; but found the PGX with Smooth Digest solved that. I have even found that, if I take PGX before a meal with some foods I react to (such as wheat), I don’t get the reaction. I have suspected for a while that my body just doesn’t digest and absorb enough from the food. It is such a good feeling to feel like I’m actually getting nourishment now.

I had one other surprising result. For about the last five years, I’ve had trouble with my singing voice and a lot of catarrh in my throat. Since taking the PGX, both these symptoms have improved significantly and I can sing again! I have a hunch that having a healthier bowel has meant that my body could clear out the congestion in my sinuses more. Thanks! It’s a great product!

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