PGX has helped me deal with 2 problems at once.

Hi. This is not a question but a comment. I just want to say that I thank God for this supplement. It has been life changing since I have struggled most of life with sugar cravings and also the last 8 years dealing with crashing after almost every meal on a regular basis. This supplement has helped me to deal with those two problems and I notice the difference when I ran out recently and I’m waiting for 2 bottles to arrive in the mail. Believe me I’m checking my mailbox every day waiting for it. So I wanted to say thank you so much for your research and everything you have done to put this product together, I’m sure pounds drop after not being hungry all the time and controlling myself from eating sweets with PGX’s help. THANK YOU!!!!!

My mood is better becasue I don’t have blood sugar levels going up and down.

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