I CAN curb my hunger

A year ago I started taking PGX Daily in capsules. No one had heard of it but I’d seen a television clip with the creators of it. I later went to my local health food store in an unrelated trip to inquire about a natural weigh loss product that would just simply reduce my hunger. I often felt shaky from hunger if I suppressed eating. I was border diabetic in a mild way. Not excessively overweight because I ate healthy, but I ate too much because of hunger. He recommended PGX.

The weight depressed me and made me postpone things ‘until’ I look better. I don’t know how I gained 30 lbs in 15 years but it was almost impossible to lose. I simply thought it must be middle age, less running around, and that is part of it certainly.

I took PGX 15 minutes before eating 2 at first then 3, even 4 sometimes, with a small bottle of water or glass. Religiously I took it. I also took my usual vitamins and I tried to walk around the block 3 times a week. Minimum.

It didn’t take very long to start to feel satisfied and fuller…and that was really all I’d wanted and expected from PGX. To live without feeling hungry ALL the time! It was WONDERFUL to have to check the clock to realize when my family might need dinner – because I myself felt no hunger, and I could take my time to plan a healthy meal without quickly leaping at the first thing to kill the hunger. Within weeks I began to feel SO much better. Light in my gut. The weight began to budge. In fact I was dropping fast. I lost 10 lbs and by 15 lbs everyone was commenting and congratulating me on how great I looked that it was like night and day. I felt young again and I could wear all my the clothes in my closet. Even many pants were too big for my shrinking size. I felt wonderful and my spirit grew too. I got feminine shoes and clothes and took a trip to the Grand Canyon. I stayed that way until January. Slim for 9 months. As a demonstrator of natural breads, my customers had been asking me how did I lose my weight. Everybody was asking – and I TOLD THEM AND SENT MANY HUNDREDS OFF TO BUY PGX!! THEY CAME BACK thanking me for helping them feel SO much better. It was a secret and they knew it. I wanted to thank the inventors SO much for helping me achieve the impossible.

I stopped taking them over winter when I simply grew tired of all the pill popping, and I slowly grew in size but I felt well. I didn’t shake or grow excessively hungry. As an experiment I stopped altogether. I began to get bigger around the mid section but I wanted to try on my own to maintain it. I slowly regained weight although eating the same diet, walking less though. It was winter. I think it was important for me to learn that blood sugar and high glycemic index foods make such an extreme difference to my well being. I feel now to lose weight – I have a friend though, a secret, some help – because I know now.

I CAN curb my hunger and take the time to eat what’s healthy and gives me calm time to think about my choices, without giving way to impulses out of wild hunger. So I’m back to my friend PGX. I just wanted to thank the inventors very much for the time they took to create this. It has made me a calm person, who feels a whole lot better.

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