Clinical Study

Decreasing cardiovascular risk factors in obese individuals using a combination of PGX® meal replacements and PGX® granules in a 12-week clinical weight modification program.


PGX® supplementation to a calorie-restricted meal replacement plan improved cardiometabolic risk factors in obese and overweight individuals. This study indicates the potential use of PGX®, as a simple, well-tolerated and practical weight management aid for calorie restricted diets.


Obesity has been associated with cardiovascular disease and its individual risk factors. This single-arm pilot investigation was intended to provide preliminary proof of the effect of PGX®, in combination with a controlled calorie-restricted diet, on body weight, fat-free mass, resting metabolic rate, appetite scores and cardiometabolic risk factors, specifically the lipid profile, in a small group of volunteers from a clinical practice.


The calorie-reduced diet was supplemented with PGX® through the use of PGX®-containing meal replacements (SlimStyles® Meal Replacement Drink Mix, Natural Factors at breakfast and lunch and PGX® granules or capsules (PGX® Daily, Natural Factors) at snacks or dinner. Each serving of meal replacement and supplementation provided 5 g of PGX®. Instructions were provided to ensure a total daily dose of 15 g/day for the duration of the program. Participants were instructed to drink 500 mL of water per serving of PGX® product as needed for additional appetite control.


In this open, clinically based, weight modification program, the authors determined that in six sedentary obese adults (five women; one male; age range 30–62 years) the combination of a modified calorie diet plus PGX® meal replacement and PGX® supplementation resulted in a significant reduction in several cardiovascular risk factors over a 12-week time period. This included a significant improvement in lipids (−0.98 mmol/l LDL-C), reduction in average weight (−9.2 kg), mean reduction in fat (−4.1%) and an increase in fat-free mass (2.8%).

Ronald G. Reichert, Michael R. Lyon, Veronica Kacinik, Roland J. Gahler, Priya Manjoo, Monica Purnama, and Simon Wood. J Complement Integr Med. 2013; 10(2): 1–8

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