Real results for real people

I first saw PGX in 2007 when I was in a health food store. I was asking about safe, weight loss products that had shown real results for real people. I informed the sales associate that I had bad knees and that I was limited to what I could do for exercise because of this. She immediately took me to the PGX products and explained how they worked. I was hooked. I lost a total of 35 lbs that first year kept off all but 5 lbs of it. I have been recently introduced to the PGX softgels. This product is awesome. I’ve no more food cravings and even the way food tastes has changed. I am no longer drinking the 1-2 pots of coffee/day; I’m lucky if I can get through one whole cup.

With the help of your products, I’ve regained some self confidence that was lost after child birth. I’ve still a long road to hoe, however I know I can do this. Thank you so much.

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