PGX is amazing. It really works like they say

PGX is amazing. It really works like they say. My naturopath suggested a diet for me that consisted mostly of Bran in various forms (yuck), vegetables and foods that are ‘good for you’ but after I found out I have a lot of food allergies that conflicted with her plan, I decided to give PGX a shot.

My BMI has been well over 32+ for as long as I can remember but since I started taking PGX in December I’ve dropped 35 pounds so far (212–>177) (about 10 lbs a month) and haven’t changed my daily routine very much other than I’m not binge eating all hours of the day. My target BMI is 27 (165 lbs) and although that’s supposed to be in the ‘overweight’ range I’m told that due to my thicker bone structure that would be considered healthy for me.

I still eat at McDonald’s or a pizza slice at my favourite lunch spot once a week too! You really don’t have to give up your ‘must have’ foods as long as you do it in moderation, take a walk when you can and all that.

I have more energy too. I’ve recently installed hardwood flooring in the living room (boxes sat for months), started cleaning up the yard for some renewed landscaping and have been much more active than I had been in years.

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