PGX & Whey Protein Very Vanilla-Spice Shake

Yield: Each serving contains 150 calories; 4 g fat; 11 g carbohydrate (3 g fibre, 6 g sugar); 16 g protein; sodium 340 mg; potassium 420 (calculated with Soy Nice Original beverage)


150 ml cold water

250 ml soymilk, nut milk or 1% milk

1 scoop PGX Satisfast Very Vanilla

1/4 -1 tsp ground cinnamon (Other spice options include: All Spice, clove or nutmeg, ½ tsp alcohol-free vanilla extract)


  1. Measure out liquid into a shaker or blender cup.

  2. Add a serving of PGX Satisfast, ground cinnamon and other spice if desired.

  3. Secure lid and shake vigorously until ingredients are blended well.

  4. Drink immediately or let sit for 2-5 minutes for a smooth and creamy texture.

  5. Drink an additional glass of water (375-500 ml) after taking PGX.

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