Week 1 Lesson: The 4 Guiding Principles

The initial overview program. The first week and PDF.

we are going to lead you through a life changing program that has been developed through years of real clinical experience in one of the world’s most respected (and government funded) weight management centres, involving over a decade of groundbreaking published university research from around the world.

The development of this program has included hundreds of real people who needed to lose weight and, more importantly, wanted to keep that weight off.

You can think of this approach to weight loss like a journey to a place of permanent and healthy change. The changes you make will let you enjoy your life more even though you will have a much healthier diet and have better physical and mental health as well. Every journey needs a starting point, a roadmap and a destination. On this journey, we will give you the basics to get you started, give you careful directions to reach your destination and give you the tools you need to keep you from ending up right back where you started.