Fall Fitness: 4 Ways to Stay Motivated


Fall Fitness: 4 Ways to Stay Motivated

The short days and cool temperatures can make it rather tempting to cozy up inside with a good book and a cup of tea, but don’t let fall sabotage your fitness! If your motivation is flagging, check out the following ways to put a spring back in your step:

1. Set a Goal

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to focus on making a dream a reality. This means not only deciding what you want to achieve, but figuring out a realistic plan to accomplish that. Maybe you want to run a marathon or half-marathon, or even 5K or 10K next year. Perhaps you want to take on a challenging multi-day hike that was just outside your comfort zone this summer. Now’s the time to work on a training plan so you’re ready to achieve that dream next summer.

2. Sign up for a Class

If you find it hard to stay motivated by yourself, try going back to school! Check your local community centre, gym or other fitness facility for fall classes and pick something fun and social. You’ll learn new techniques, make  friends, and have a regular fitness routine to keep you motivated. How about salsa? Zumba? Yogalates? Or maybe hip-hop dance is more your speed….

3. Reward Yourself

If exercise isn’t itself a rewarding activity for you, why not engage in a little operant conditioning? Treat yourself to something fun after every fitness class, run or gym session and you’ll soon associate exercise with positive things. If you’re trying to watch your weight, avoid food-based rewards and try something activity oriented, like going to see a movie, browsing the bookstore, or going to an art gallery with friends.

4. Switch up your music

If running, rowing, cycling or otherwise exercising is starting to feel a little repetitive, try creating a new music playlist to boost your motivation. Eye of the Tiger, Coldplay, maybe even some Cotton Club era jazz or a little Taylor Swift could all help you, ahem, shake it off.